1. Are you actually searching for the 36 Men of God? No, I am not traveling the world looking for these individuals (although if you’d like to fund that project I am open to the idea). But I would love stories of past or current people you believe are a part of this unique mystical group of people.
  2. Why are you doing this project? I have begun writing a book. This blog is to have a central location for text and stories that will 600px-US_36.svghopefully be incorporated into the novel. Think Midrashic Fiction.
  3. Will women be included in the Lamed Vavnickim? The answer is maybe. For the purposes of this project, and eventually the book, I am following text and accounts of the these individuals. I am not planning on making up stories that do not already exist (except the book is fiction). So if my research leads me to find accounts of women being a part of the Lamed Vavnickim than yes. Please share with me via email all references of women as a Lamed Vavnickim.
  4. What does the * next to a post/person’s name symbolize? Each post is about an individual(s) but not all are believed to be Lamed Vavnickim. Some simply contributed to the topic whether through Judaic texts, midrash or fiction. Anyone who is noted through these texts as a potential Lamed Vavnick will have a * next to their name.
  5. When will the book be completed? I wish I knew.